Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday "Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction."

Happy Friday!
It feels great to know we have the weekend and Puppybowl I mean Superbowl to look forward too! I love football, so I am very excited to watch! It can be hard to stick to a meal plan when attending events or parties, especially a Superbowl party where there are dips, wings, pizza, and did I mention my old favorite banana pepper dip with french bread! For people who are not prepping for a show just remember moderation is key when it comes to snacking! For those of you who are prepping along with me, lets just enjoy our broccoli and fish! 

Workout: Upper body and booty (Complete each superset 4 times through, 12-15 reps each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Preacher curl (40 lb bar)
-Hammer curl (20 lb dummbell)
-20 pop squats

Superset 2:
-Tri pulldown with rope (25 lb)
-Cable kickback for booty (10 lb)
-12 switch jump lunges

Superset 3:
-Chest fly with cables (10 lb each side)
-Tri kickback with dumbbell (10-15 lb)
-15 jump squats

Superset 4:
-Smith machine donkey kick (just the bar with no added weight)
-Sumo squat with Olympic bar 
-20 speed skaters

Superset 5:
-Bicep curl with cable and straight bar (20-25 lb)
-Curtsy or princess lunge with dumbbells (25 lb)
-10 half burpee (no push up at bottom)

-10 minute on elliptical 
-Bike sprints 
---> 30 seconds on, 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 9, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 10, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 11, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 12, rest 30 seconds at level 4

Repeat 3 times through! When I say rest just slow down your pace at level 4 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday "sUccess all depends on the second letter"

I love today's quote! Success really is in your own hands! No one is going to workout, meal prep, or sweat for you! Knowing that changes can only be made by yourself should not be a scary or negative thought, but just the opposite. It is exciting to know that through clean eating and exercise you can mold and change your body how you would like! Nothing in life worth having comes easy, so keep grinding away! 

Workout: Shoulder (Perform each superset 4 times through, 10-15 reps of each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Alternating shoulder press using cables (17 lbs on each side)
-Alternating lateral and front raise with dumbbells (10 -12 lbs)
-15 jump squats

Superset 2:
-Arnold press with dumbbells (25 lbs)
-Single arm row with dumbbells (20 lbs)
-12 switch jump lunges

Superset 3:
-Single arm shoulder press with dumbbells (25 lbs)
-10 Bosu ball lift over head then jump down into push up and repeat (look at video for example)

Superset 4:
-Cable face pull- set up cable at eye level and use rope at 20-30 lbs, then holding with pinkies up and thumbs down grip pull rope towards face (pics demonstrate this)
-Upright row using bar (40 lbs)

Cardio: Treadmill 
- 4 rounds run for 60 seconds at 15 incline at 6 mph
- 4 rounds run for 45 seconds at 15 incline at 6.5 mph
- 4 rounds run for 30 seconds at 15 incline at 7.0 mph

Use link for video:
Face pull starting position

Face pull ending position, focus on pulling shoulder blades together 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday hump day!

Hey! Happy hump day! 
I figured it was only right to work on growing that booty tonight! On a side note, I had anatomy and physiology lab tonight, which sounds like it would be a daunting 3 hour class! Oddly enough it is actually one of my favorite classes, because my teacher is awesome! She is in her 70's but has such a young and energetic spirit! She is so passionate about the material she covers, it is almost hard not be interested and eager to learn more from her! My point with this, is to find what makes you that passionate in life and go after it! 

Ps on another side note I went so hard tonight at the gym on my lateral band walks the band broke and was so loud I think everyone in Buffalo heard!

Workout: Booty (Do each superset 4 times through, 12-15 reps for each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Cable kickback (straight back)
-Curtsy lunge with 25 lb dumbbells
-20 pop squats

Superset 2:
-Single leg leg press (start at light weight 10-30 pounds) 
-Booty kickback machine (set at 70 lbs)
-15 jump squat 

Superset 3:
-Single leg donkey kicks using smith machine 
-Resistance band lateral walk
-12 tuck jumps

Superset 4:
-Pistol squat on box
-Single leg deadlift using 25 lb kettle bell 
-15 jump squats

Extra: 3 rounds of 30 seconds of each of these exercises
-Body weight squats
-Hamstring curls using exercise ball
-Walking lunges
-Jump rope 

Went so hard I killed my band :(

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Tuesday "Do it because they said you couldn't"

Have you ever had somebody or your own self doubt your dreams or goals? Always remember to achieve and work towards goals for your own satisfaction first!  Before you prove others wrong, make sure you prove the voices in your head telling you negative thoughts wrong first! The body achieves what the mind believes! Fill your mind with positive thoughts about yourself and visualize your goal, your body will follow along! After you can start doing this, then you can use others doubt as fuel for your fire! 

Workout: Chest/Tri (Perform each superset 4 times with 10-15 reps of each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Chest press with Olympic bar (start with bar for warm up, then add 5 lbs each set)
-Overhead tri extension w 30 lb dumbbell
-10 burpees

Superset 2:
-Cable chest fly with cables set at shoulder height 10 lbs each side
-Tri pulldown with rope
-20 jump squats

Superset 3:
-Incline chest press with Olympic bar (start with bar, then add 5 lbs each set)
-Overhead single arm tri extensions with 10 lb dumbbell
-15 jumping switch lunges

Superset 4:
-Cable chest fly with cables set at bottom bring arms to eye level then back down 5 lbs each side
-Tri kickback with 10 lb dumbbell
-20 pop squats 

-20 minute stair mill
-10 treadmill intervals with 30% incline and speed at your own pace

Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday "Don't give up what you want most, for what you want now"

This quote works perfectly for me today! Yesterday I come home to a house filled with my diet weaknesses…peanut butter, almonds, and dark salted caramel chocolates…like come on now! I seriously am slightly addicted to peanut butter and am not ashamed to say I have finished a jar in 2 days before! When I am prepping peanut butter is a no go for me. When I walk in the kitchen and get a craving to just eat one or twelve teaspoons of peanut butter I try to remember what I want most right now is to be ready to compete in 10 weeks, rather than satisfying my cravings at that moment! Achieving any goal in life comes with obstacles and challenges, but try to remember why you started and what you are striving for!

Workout: Back/Bi/Booty 
Perform each superset (which just means 2 exercises performed back to back with minimal rest in between) 4 times x 10-15 reps of each exercise

Superset 1:
-Wide grip lat pull down
-Reverse grip lat pull down
-10 burpees
--repeat for total of 4 times

Superset 2:
-Straight bar pulldown with cable
-Cable kickback for booty
-10 jump squats
--repeat for total of 4 times

Superset 3:
-Bicep curl using rope and cable
-Hammer curl with dumbbell
-Cable kickback to side for booty
-10 pop squats
--repeat for total of 4 times 

Superset 4:
-Seated cable row
-Bent over single are row using dumbbell
-10 tuck jumps
--repeat for total of 4 times

Superset 5:
-Seated bicep dumbbell curl
-Bent over row using 40 lb bar
-10 switch lunges 
--repeat for total of 4 times

Sprints on bike
25 sec sprint at level 9
35 sec ride at level 3

25 sec sprint at level 10
35 sec ride at level 3

25 sec sprint at level 11
35 sec ride at 3 

25 sec sprint at level 12
35 sec ride at 3

Repeat for total of 3 rounds! 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday lots of fun day with my friends at the gym!

Considering football was not on today, I figured go big or go home at the gym and stay a while! I was lucky enough to workout with Marissa and Alicia this morning! Both of them are not only amazing athletes, but amazing friends! I laughed when I told them our gym sessions are the equivalent of book or coffee clubs! 

Alicia and I started the morning lifting legs so here is that portion of the workout!

Workout: Legs (4 sets x 12-8 reps of each exercise)
-Narrow stance squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps depending on weight added)
-Stiff leg deadlifts (12-8 reps depending on weight added)

-Wide stance squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)
-Bent knee deadlifts (12-8 reps)

-Shoulder width squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)
-Sumo deadlift with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)

-Laying down single leg hamstring curl (10 reps. 10 lbs-25 lbs)
-V squat machine (12-10 reps)

Now Marissa joined and we all did a few circuits!

Plyo Circuits: 20 seconds each exercise
- Plyo Push Ups on Bosu
- Modified Dips

- Scissor lunge jumps
- Pick up Put down with 5 lbs
- Rapid Box Jump - 18"
- Dumbbell Bicep Curl @ 17.5
4 Rounds, 1 minute rest in between

Strength Circuit: 10 and then as many as possible
- 10 Burpees
- As many Pull Ups as you can 
4 Rounds, 60 seconds rest in between rounds

Full Body Plyo:
- 5 crunches then stand jump into Push Up
- 5 crunches then stand up with 12lb medicine ball
- 20 sec of 4pt Lateral Jumps (jump side, front, side, back pattern) 
- 20 sec of Toe Taps at 12" box
- Ladder 2x of hopscotch, lateral high knee, 2 in/2 out (use a latter if you have one available,     if not just pretend and jump)
- Get a treadmill and jog for 60 sec at incline 15, 6.0 mph
3 Rounds, 3 minutes rest in between

Stiff leg deadlift (important to keep back flat)

Alicia doing bent knee deadlift (along with flat back, squeeze your booty at the top)

Narrow stance squat with Olympic bar 

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday "80% of success is showing up"

Hey guys!
It is really easy to list a whole number of excuses to skip the gym, especially when you live in a snowy area! 
Its too cold
Its too early
Its just one workout..the list goes on
It is important to keep in mind that showing up is 80% of your success. You are not going to make the changes you want to see by skipping your workout. When I don't feel like getting to the gym I try to keep in mind that my competition is not taking the day off, so either can I!! 


-30 minute high intensity cardio class called overdrive at the gym. I really suggest trying out a class at your gym. There is great music and being surrounded by men and women who are giving it their all really helps keep you motivated! 

Put the incline at 30% if your treadmill doesn't go that high just put it on the highest incline. 
Incline          Speed          Time
30%             3 mph          45 seconds on, 30 second break
30%             3.1 mph       45 seconds on, 30 second break 
30%             3.2 mph      same time for the rest of the intervals
30%             3.3 mph
30%             3.4 mph
30%             3.5 mph
30%             3.6 mph
30%             3.7 mph
30%             3.8 mph
30%             3.9 mph
30%             4.0 mph

This may look easy but you will get your heart rate up and keep it up!! Also try not to hold onto treadmill when running! 

Marissa running up Mt. Everest! 

Get it girl! 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday "if it doesn't challenge you, it won't change you"

Happy Friday! We made it to the end of the week! Today I worked out with my friend Marissa whose great fitness blog I have shared with you on her before! She was telling me someone asked her today if she was going to happy hour and her answer was great! She said "yes, I'm going to happy hour at the gym!" I love it…that is definitely a fitness girls response! 

Todays workout was a little bit of a mash up we but got a great sweat in!

-Elevated reverse lunge (We placed two 45 pound plates on the ground in the squat rack and started with the Olympic bar with no added weight. Then we did a pyramid which means 16 lunges or 8 on each leg at 45 pounds, 14 lunges at 65 pounds, 12 lunges at 75 pounds, 10 lunges at 85 pounds)

-Ab circuit repeat 3 times
1. 10 second plank
2. 10 shoulder taps in plank
3. 10 mount climber or elbow to outside of knee in plank
4. 10 ball roll in with large exercise ball
5. 10 large exercise ball exchanges. (Start with ball in between feet, then meet halfway and transfer ball to hands, tap ball on ground above head and feet lower to a few inches off ground.)
6. 10 russian twists with 15 pound weight
7. 10 scissor kicks while trying to keep back off floor as high as possible

-Treadmill and squat circuit repeat 5 times.
Run 400 meters or .25 distance on treadmill at speed 9. Then jump off and perform 25 bodyweight squats. Repeat this 4 more times. 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Thursday "exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you are doing"

Hi guys!
I had to laugh when I read that quote this morning…but it felt fitting when my alarm clock was going off at 6am! I wanted to make sure I got in 2 rounds at the gym today, so it was important I woke up and got my first round of cardio in. It feels amazing to have accomplished more than most people by 8 am! We only get 24 hours in a day, so wake up and take advantage of every hour! 

Workout: Round 1 cardio 

-30 minute intervals on the step mill (2 minutes on level 7, 2 minutes on level 11)
-15 sprints on the treadmill (start at level 9 then increase by .2 for each interval. 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off) 

-Straight back cable kickback (15 on each leg at 10 pounds, perform 3 rounds)
-Cable kickback to side (15 on each leg at 10 pounds, perform 3 rounds) 

-TRX abs (plank 1 minute, plank into a pike 15 times, mountain climbers 30 total. Perform set for 3 rounds) 

Tonight I plan on going back to the gym to do a shoulder attack workout!

Checking out the view from the stair mill

TRX room

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some of my favorite prep food products

It can be hard to keep your food tasty and creative when following a very regimented meal plan! Here are a few products I use to help add some flavor to my meals!

-Banana flavored extract because I can not have fruit right now this is a great substitute and really tastes like banana
-Walden Farms caramel syrup! I use this product in my oats in the morning to help mix the protein powder with the oats
-Flavored coffee!!! This is one of the reasons I get excited to wake up in the morning! The flavored beans taste so good added cream and sugar is not necessary! 

-Mrs Dash seasonings. I have only used the lemon pepper so far on my fish, but let me tell you it really adds some great flavor!
-Hot sauce! I will use almost any brand but like Texas Pete's the best! I put it on everything…literally!
-Kernel Seasons white cheddar, jalapeƱo cheddar, and chocolate caramel seasonings are great! There are more flavors than those listed which I am sure are tasty too! I use the cheese flavored ones on my veggies and the sweet one in my protein shakes! 

-Mio drink mix helps when getting a gallon of water down a day! 

If anyone uses other products that I have not listed that are tasty or help you with your prep please feel free to comment! 

Wed. "train like a beast, look like a beauty"

I love that quote! Going into the gym and throwing around some weights like a beast is when I feel my best! Put in the hard work and sweat and you will not only look like a beauty, but feel like one on the inside as well! It takes dedication and discipline to get to the gym and eat healthy…be proud of yourself and those daily accomplishments!

Workout: Abs/ Cardio

Perform 4 sets of each of the exercises below:
-Front plank on elbow (1 min)
-Side plank (1 min on each side)
-Front plank with arms straight (1 min)
-Mountain climbers with feet in trx (40 total)
-Hanging leg raises (20)
-Crunches on fitness ball (25)

-30 minutes on stair mill
-20 minutes on treadmill moderate jog 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday "Believe that success is your only option"

Hey everyone!
I love the quote for today, "believe that success is your only option." Today when you head into the gym, work, school, etc. keep in mind that you are in each place for a given purpose. Enter into your day knowing that no matter what obstacles get thrown your way, you can choose how to react to them. Keep your mind focused on your purpose and believe in your abilities! If you do those two things success really will be your only option! 

Workout: Back/ Bi (4 sets of each superset with 10-15 reps of each exercise)

Superset 1:
-Wide grip lat pulldown
-Underhand or reverse grip lat pulldown
-10 burpees

Superset 2:
-Seated cable row
-One arm dumbbell row
-10 burpees

Superset 3:
-Rope pulley row to neck
-Straight arm pulldown w cable and straight bar
-10 burpees

Superset 4:
-Standing bicep cable curl
-Hammer curl with dumbbell
-10 burpees

-Barbell curl 21's (perform curls but instead of doing a full range of motion for the curls perform 7 curls were you go from top to middle position, 7 curls were you go from bottom to middle position, and then finish with 7 full curls) Repeat 3 times

-40 minutes of moderate intensity cardio

Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday "Don't just meet your goals, destroy them"

Hi everyone!

Happy Monday! Mondays are a chance to set the tone for the week ahead! Make today great and continue that positive outlook through out the week! Throughout this week keep in mind that goals build character! The greatest benefit of working towards a goal is not what you accomplish, but what you become in the process!

Toady's workout was chest and tri with Alicia! We decided to go big today and do 6 supersets 4 sets with 10-15 reps for each depending on the exercise! The first 4 supersets we performed the usual 10 burpees between each set so 40 burpees per superset! The last 2 supersets we did 40 mount climbers between each set! Your chest and triceps should feel burnt out by the end of this workout and that is what we were trying to achieve!

Workout: Chest/ Tri

Superset 1:
-Flat bench press using the Olympic bar and adding 5 pounds each set
-Tricep overhead extension ( 30 lbs dumbbell)
-Burpees between each set

Superset 2:
-Incline bench press using the Olympic bar and adding 5 pounds each set 
-Single arm overhead extensions (15 -10 lb dumbbell)
-Burpees between each set

Superset 3:
-Decline bench press using Olympic bar and adding 5 pounds each set
-Tri kickbacks (15-10 lb dumbbell)
-Burpees between each set

Superset 4:
-Dumbbell decline press
-Flat bench chest fly (15-10 lb dumbbell)
-Burpees between each set

Superset 5:
-Flat bench dumbbell press (30-20 lb dumbbell)
-Decline chest flys (15-10 lb dumbbell)
- Mount climbers between each set

Superset 6:
-Cable chest fly (10 lbs)
-Tri push down with rope or v bar (30-20 lbs)
-Mount climbers between each set

-15 minutes of interval training (step mill or treadmill sprints)
What we look like after a workout! Triceps were feeling the burn!

What we look like when we go out on weekends haha…CanAm show!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hey happy football Sunday!
This morning was leg day with Alicia! Here is the workout:

Workout: Legs (If your brave attempt to add the 10 burpees between each set)

Superset 1: 4 sets x 8-12 reps for all supersets 
-Squats with bar and added weights (get booty at least equal to parallel a little lower if you can "ass to grass")
-Stiff leg deadlifts 

Superset 2:
-Hack squat
-Bent knee deadlift

Superset 3:
-Leg press
-Sumo squat with bar and weights

Superset 4:
-Single leg hamstring curl
-Narrow leg squats with bar and weights

Superset 5:
-Step up with weights onto box then back into a lunge (8 on each side)
-Cable kickback (straight back)

Superset 6:
-Pistol squats on box
-Cable side kickouts

12 sprints on the bike. Choose whatever resistance and time you would like I suggest 30 seconds on at level 9, 30 seconds recovery at level 5.

Have fun crawling out of the gym! 

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday "Will this action bring me one step closer or one step away from my goal?"

Today I went to the gym with my friend Alicia and decided to switch things up for cardio! It is important to keep your workouts fun and diverse or else you might lose your passion for it! Instead of doing the stair mill (which I actually secretly love) we decided to do a new class called overdrive. In a few words I would describe it as sweaty, fun, and a calorie burner! We would do different sequences of moves to keep our heart rate up (squat jumps, jump lunges, tuck jumps, etc) and our rest was performing full burpees! My challenge for you this week is to choose one class from your gym something you have never tired and give it a go! It is important to challenge yourself and keep learning/trying new things!

Side note: Yesterday I was reminded of a few important thoughts when I went out for coffee with a friend who I met in graduate school. Surround yourself with people who love you and want to help you grow! If there are negative people in your life who do not fully accept you for yourself or do not believe in your dreams let them go! Life is to short to be surrounded by negative people who spread their negativity to your life. Everyone has bad days or hardships to face in life, but instead of dwelling on the negative be thankful you wake up each morning with a chance to start the life you want to be living! It is easy to talk about wanting to eat healthy, go to the gym, prep your meals…but it is another to not just talk the talk but walk the walk! If you want something worth having in life nobody is going to just hand it to you, instead go out and make it happen on your own! 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Thursday- shoulder attack workout

Hey guys,
Todays workout is all about building those boulder shoulders!

Workout: Shoulders. Perform 10 burpees between each set for superset 1 and 2. Superset 3 and 4 perform 20 jump squats between each set! Keep that heart rate up and burn those calories! 

Superset 1: 4 sets x 12 reps
-Side lateral raise with cable (set at 5-10 pounds)
-Front raise using cable and rope (15-20 pounds)

Superset 2: 4 sets x 10 reps
-Alternating side and front raise with dumbbells (10 pounds)
-Upright row with bar (40 pounds)

Superset 3: 4 sets x 12 reps
-Arnold press (25 pounds for first two sets, 20 pounds last two sets)
-Standard seated shoulder press (25 pounds)

Superset 4: 4 sets x 8 reps
-Bosu ball pushup
-Alternating punches with 10 pound weights

15 minutes on the stair stepper 

Wed. workout

Hey everyone! 
Todays workout as I had listed was ab, booty, and cardio! Some good exercises to incorporate into this day for abs would be hanging leg raises, bosu planks, flutter kicks, windshield wipers, standard plank, side planks, army get ups. Booty exercises would be leg bridges, sumo deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, goodmornings, squats, donkey kickbacks (I use the smith machine bar to lift), one legged press, step ups, and plyo moves (jump squats, switch lunges, etc.). Cardio I did 18 sprints on the seated bike…let me tell you your booty will be on fire by the end of this. I did 30 seconds at level 7 then 30 seconds on level 9 for 18 rounds!

Side note: I felt like a proud parent tonight because I took my puppy to her first puppy socialization playgroup. She started off very nervous, shaking, staying by me but by the end of the group she was running laps with other puppies loving life! This may be how a new beginner feels entering the gym for the first time. It can be intimidating especially lifting weights, where in most gyms the weight section is mostly filled with men. The most important thing to do is enter the gym with a written down plan and only focus on why you are there…to become a stronger, faster, better version of yourself! 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Tuesday workout "fail to plan, plan to fail"

Hey everyone,
I am going to post tomorrow or Tuesdays chest and tri workout tonight! Some of you might be hitting the gym early and it could come in handy to have it tonight! I will be up early because I am dropping my mom off at the airport so she can go to Florida, so in honor of that I am listening to Bob Marley tonight putting myself in a good mind space writing this! A great tip I have for the gym coincides perfectly with the quote for today about the importance of planning ahead. I recommend writing down your workout in a little notebook so you know exactly what exercises you are planning on doing and in what order. It can be confusing and hard to remember what exercises to perform if you do not have a guide to go by. Also it is nice to write down the number of sets and weights used and check on progress as the weeks go on! 

Workout: Chest/ Tri

Superset 1 sets and reps (4 x 8)
-Barbell bench press (medium grip)
-Reverse tricep bench press (this is a new exercise for me to try out too for a video explanation of it check out 

Superset 2 sets and reps (4 x 10)
-dumbbell fly
-dumbbell bench press

Superset 3 set and reps (4 x 10)
-Incline bench press
-Bench dip

Superset 4 set and reps (4 x 12)
-Cable crossover
-Tri rope pulldown


-18 sprints on treadmill incline 5 (30-45 seconds on and 30-60 seconds off)

Back Progress

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday "Believe you can and you are half way there"

Hi everyone,
Sorry for not posting a workout today it is Sunday not so fun day! Usually Sundays are designated for Church and leg day, but sadly today it has been filled with laying on the couch in my pjs. I am trying to view the hours I'm racking up on the couch as my last time to really catch up on rest until my contest is over! Also, I am looking on the bright side of being forced to relax, which is I have created my whole weeks worth of workouts and learned how to upload videos and pictures from my phone (which is sad considering 4th graders now a days have iPhones and know how to do that)! Fingers crossed starting tomorrow I will 100% begin my prep! 

I am going to carb cycle this prep alternating between high, moderate, and low carb days. and have great articles on the benefits of carb cycling that I highly recommend you checking out! 

Here is what this weeks schedule will look like:

Monday: Back/ Bicep--low carb day--40 minutes of steady state cardio

Tuesday: Chest/ Tri--moderate carb day--18 sprints (30 seconds on 30 seconds off) on treadmill

Wednesday: Abs/ Booty--moderate carb day--40 minutes of steady state cardio

Thursday: Shoulder--low carb day--18 sprints on bike or treadmill

Friday: Arms/ Abs--moderate carb day--40 minutes of steady state cardio

Saturday: Cardio--low carb day--18 sprints on bike

Sunday: Legs--high carb day-- 40 minutes of steady state cardio

Since I learned how to upload pictures it is only right I post one! So here is my puppy Finn! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Protein Pancake Recipie

Yum protein pancakes can be a great way to get a good amount of protein with minimal calories!

Here are a few recipes:

-1/2 banana
-3/4 tsp cinnamon
-2 egg whites
-1 scoop protein powder (preferably whey works the best)
-1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk

1. Mash banana as thoroughly as possible
2. Add egg whites, cinnamon, and protein powder and whisk together with banana
3. Finally, add almond milk and stir together

Cook in a pre greased skillet (pam spray) for 2 minutes on each side or until looks golden brown

-3/4 cup whey protein powder
-2 tbsp. coconut flour (can buy at Walmart)
-1/4 tsp. cinnamon 
-2 packets of stevia
3/4 cup egg whites
1/4 cup water 

1. Mix dry ingredients together well
2. Then stir in egg whites and water slowly

Cook in a pre greased skillet (pam spray) for 2 minutes on each side

Saturday "stop wishing start doing"

Happy Saturday!
Today sadly I have to skip going to the gym:(( Believe me this is the last thing I want to do especially with my bikini competition weeks away! I have a cough and head cold and it is important to listen to your body! Yesterday when I was at the gym I was not feeling 100% and my workout was also not up to par. Instead of trying to push myself today I am going to listen to my body and relax! I would rather get better than run myself down more!

**For some great workout ideas for today I am going to tell you about one of my best friends and workout partners  blog! She posts daily circuit workouts and is an animal in the gym! You will not be dissapointed and trust me you will burn some major calories!

Check her our and have a great Saturady:)

Friday, January 10, 2014

You can't out work a bad diet

It is important to remember you can not out work a bad diet! I have come to learn that achieving the body you want is 80% clean eating and 20% your workouts! It is crazy to think but you can kill yourself in the gym and not see results if you are not eating right! Putting garbage in your body, will only result in you feeling like garbage! It is also vital to drink enough water! I am guilty as a coffee addict but I also make sure to get a gallon or 8 bottles of water in each day (this is important even when not prepping for a contest). 

If you follow any bikini competitors or are one yourself, you know the importance of food preparation. I know the majority of people prep all their food for the week on Sunday nights (but I can not stomach the thought of that). I do prep my gluten free oatmeal every morning by measuring out 30-40 grams depending on my workout for the day, and putting them in zip lock baggies so when I want breakfast it is pre measured. I also prep out my broccoli and asparagus for the week by measuring one cup of each and individually bagging them up! My fish is already pre measured and ready to go in the individual vacuum sealed bags you purchase them in. I buy my fish frozen from BJ's which is a whole sale bulk store so the price is a little cheaper. My favorite types of fish are tilapia or Chilean sea bass. To flavor my fish I use Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning because it is sodium free and gives the fish a great flavor! 

Now the majority of competitors eat chicken, lean ground beef and turkey, and egg whites. Sadly, I do not like any of the foods I just mentioned above! This means I eat fish 2x a day along with protein shakes for my main protein sources. I can understand prepping chicken or turkey for a few days but fish reheated…yuck! I am lucky enough with my school schedule that I can defrost and cook my fish and eat it fresh out of the oven :)

Things I avoid during prep:
-fruit :((
-high glycemic vegetables (corn, carrots, etc.)

We are all human though and letting oneself indulge once in awhile is important to staying on track and staying sane! If you are not prepping for a show allow 1 or 2 treat meals a week( not a whole day of bad eating but a meal or dessert)! 

I will post Saturdays workout either later tonight or tomorrow morning:) Happy lifting 

Friday "when you feel like quitting think about why you started"

Hey guys! I did not post yesterday because I decided to use it as a rest day for myself. It is important to take one day off a week for muscle recovery and growth. I know a lot of people take Saturday or Sundays off, but I love getting in the gym on the weekends! I also have a question to ask? Does anyone know of a good tasting protein powder that does not have Sucralose in it? I have tried some brands and have not found one I really enjoy yet :(

Todays workout was a mix of cardio and plyometrics because tomorrow will be lifting and Sunday is always my leg day! 


Plyo routine- Do these four exercises 4 times through! 1 minute for each exercise and take a 30-60 second break before moving on to the next exercise!

-Jump squats 
-Burpees with 8 pound weight
-Box jump
-Jumping switch lunge 

Treadmill routine-

Start jogging with incline at 6 and speed at 5.5
1 minute incline at 6 speed 5.6
30 second break (I step off onto the sides)
1 minute incline 7 speed 5.7
30 second break
1 minute incline 8 speed 5.8
1 minute break
1 minute incline 9 speed 5.9
1 minute break
1 minute incline 10 speed 6
1 minute break
(Now go back down at the same speeds and inclines)

After make sure to cool down with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill! 

I am going to learn how to get videos from my phone so I can post examples of some of the exercises! 
Hope everyone has a great Friday night! 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Wed. "set some goals and then demolish them"

So I survived the blizzard and the polar vortex but -29 is no joke! Sorry this post is a little late in the day but hopefully someone can use it for a night gym session ( which by the way is one of my favorite times to workout! The gym is less crowded and I can work off the stress of the day while taking time for myself listening to my favorite music and getting healthy!) 

Workout: Back/ Bi

Complete 4 rounds of the supersets with 10 burpees between each set so as many burpees as yesterday...who secretly loves them now ;) 

Superset 1:
-Wide grip pull ups 4 x 8 (use the pull up assistance machine if need be…no shame here I use it for wide grip)
-Lat pull downs 4 x 12

Superset 2:
-Seated cable row 4 x 12
-Cable bicep curl 4 x 12

Superset 3:
-Bent over row 4 x 8
-Good mornings with bar 4 x 12

Superset 4:
-Ez bar curl 4 x 12
-Alternating seated dumbbell curl 4 x 12

Perform 30-45 minutes of steady state cardio for example jog at 6-6.5 mph on the treadmill, level 9-10 on the step mill or try out rowing! Switch it up and keep it fun! 

Your back and biceps should be toast after this! I leave the gym after this day feeling like the hulk with my muscles pumped! The beautiful thing about girls lifting weights is that we will not get bulky or look like men instead we will speed up our metabolism and sculpt toned lean bodies!!! I am all about the iron! 

I was going to post my body weight and fat stats the other day but did not get the opportunity to get it measured with the blizzard so when I do I will post them along with some progress pictures (eek I'm scared to see my bikini bod right now with all those xmas cookies)

Monday, January 6, 2014

Tuesday " You're only one workout away from a good mood"

Hello, I hope someone tried out the leg/ab routine today and enjoyed it! I have my whole week of workouts planned out, so I am going to post Tuesdays workout tonight:) 

On a side note, I hope someone reading this blog is in a warm tropical location instead of Buffalo right now!

If I can make it to the gym tomorrow with my dog sled team this will be my shoulder/ tri workout. 

Todays workout: Shoulder/ tri

Perform each superset 4 times through and after each set perform 10 burpees. At the end of your workout you should have done 160 burpees phew thats something to be proud of! 

Superset 1
-Dumbbell shoulder press 4 x 10
-Military press 4 x 10

Superset 2
-Lateral raise cable flys 3 x 12
-Dumbbell tri kickbacks 3 x 12 

Superset 3
-Rope tri extensions 4 x 15 
-Push up close grip 4 x 10

Superset 4 
-Upright row 4 x 15
-Around press 4 x 10

Follow up with a HIIT cardio session. I am planning on doing treadmill sprints starting at 9 mph then increasing by .2 each sprint until I reach 11 mph. Sprint for 30 seconds then rest for 30-60 seconds. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Pictures from first show!

I am going to post 2 pictures from my first and only show so far! It is very important to track your progress through photos! The number on the scale is good to know for a starting point, but it is important to remember that the number on the scale does not always reflect how we are progressing! Instead, focus on comparing weekly pictures and how clothes are fitting! Do not get discouraged, the beginning of any process is the hardest! 

I will be getting my body fat measured tomorrow and posting those stats along with weekly updates!
Here are last seasons photos and I only plan on improving!

Monday "uplift everybody and uplift yourself"

So tomorrow is Monday but I am going to post the workout I have planned for tomorrow early! Mondays can be thought of in two ways:
1. either a drag starting a new work or school week or 
2. a fresh start to make goals and then stick to them! 

In my opinion working out and eating clean is a 50/50 physical and mental game, they go hand in hand. If you wake up with a negative attitude (which trust me is easy to do living in cold grey snowy Buffalo)  then it is easy to make up excuses to stay in bed and skip your workout or drink that 300 calorie yummy hot chocolate. It is important to remember that it is not always an easy process to workout and eat clean but nothing worth having in life comes easy! 

Todays workout: Legs/Abs ( I usually do legs on Sundays with a fellow competitor who is amazing inside and out, but this weekend I could not so I pushed legs till today!) 

Perform each superset 4 times through and after each set perform 10 burpees. Why the burpees you ask?! To keep your heart rate up and burn more calories!  So for example 20 squats then 20 diagonal walking lunges then 10 burpees…now do this 3 more times! 

Superset 1
-Squat rack or smith machine squat 4 x 20 ( Im doing lower weight higher reps because I do not want to build my quads more right now)
-Diagonal walking lunges 4 x 20

Superset 2
-Sumo deadlifts 4 x 15
-Box jumps  1 minute 

Superset 3
-Shoulder width leg press 4 x 15 
-Jump Squats 1 minute 

Abs perform each exercise 4 times through with minimal breaks 

-Ball pikes 5 x 20
- Hanging leg raise 5 x 20
-Plank 1 minute 

Follow up with 25-30 minutes cardio (whatever you prefer)