Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday "Wake up with determination. Go to bed with satisfaction."

Happy Friday!
It feels great to know we have the weekend and Puppybowl I mean Superbowl to look forward too! I love football, so I am very excited to watch! It can be hard to stick to a meal plan when attending events or parties, especially a Superbowl party where there are dips, wings, pizza, and did I mention my old favorite banana pepper dip with french bread! For people who are not prepping for a show just remember moderation is key when it comes to snacking! For those of you who are prepping along with me, lets just enjoy our broccoli and fish! 

Workout: Upper body and booty (Complete each superset 4 times through, 12-15 reps each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Preacher curl (40 lb bar)
-Hammer curl (20 lb dummbell)
-20 pop squats

Superset 2:
-Tri pulldown with rope (25 lb)
-Cable kickback for booty (10 lb)
-12 switch jump lunges

Superset 3:
-Chest fly with cables (10 lb each side)
-Tri kickback with dumbbell (10-15 lb)
-15 jump squats

Superset 4:
-Smith machine donkey kick (just the bar with no added weight)
-Sumo squat with Olympic bar 
-20 speed skaters

Superset 5:
-Bicep curl with cable and straight bar (20-25 lb)
-Curtsy or princess lunge with dumbbells (25 lb)
-10 half burpee (no push up at bottom)

-10 minute on elliptical 
-Bike sprints 
---> 30 seconds on, 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 9, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 10, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 11, rest 30 seconds at level 4
sprint 30 seconds at level 12, rest 30 seconds at level 4

Repeat 3 times through! When I say rest just slow down your pace at level 4 

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