Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday "when you feel like quitting think about why you started"

Hey guys! I did not post yesterday because I decided to use it as a rest day for myself. It is important to take one day off a week for muscle recovery and growth. I know a lot of people take Saturday or Sundays off, but I love getting in the gym on the weekends! I also have a question to ask? Does anyone know of a good tasting protein powder that does not have Sucralose in it? I have tried some brands and have not found one I really enjoy yet :(

Todays workout was a mix of cardio and plyometrics because tomorrow will be lifting and Sunday is always my leg day! 


Plyo routine- Do these four exercises 4 times through! 1 minute for each exercise and take a 30-60 second break before moving on to the next exercise!

-Jump squats 
-Burpees with 8 pound weight
-Box jump
-Jumping switch lunge 

Treadmill routine-

Start jogging with incline at 6 and speed at 5.5
1 minute incline at 6 speed 5.6
30 second break (I step off onto the sides)
1 minute incline 7 speed 5.7
30 second break
1 minute incline 8 speed 5.8
1 minute break
1 minute incline 9 speed 5.9
1 minute break
1 minute incline 10 speed 6
1 minute break
(Now go back down at the same speeds and inclines)

After make sure to cool down with a 5 minute walk on the treadmill! 

I am going to learn how to get videos from my phone so I can post examples of some of the exercises! 
Hope everyone has a great Friday night! 

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