Sunday, January 5, 2014

Monday "uplift everybody and uplift yourself"

So tomorrow is Monday but I am going to post the workout I have planned for tomorrow early! Mondays can be thought of in two ways:
1. either a drag starting a new work or school week or 
2. a fresh start to make goals and then stick to them! 

In my opinion working out and eating clean is a 50/50 physical and mental game, they go hand in hand. If you wake up with a negative attitude (which trust me is easy to do living in cold grey snowy Buffalo)  then it is easy to make up excuses to stay in bed and skip your workout or drink that 300 calorie yummy hot chocolate. It is important to remember that it is not always an easy process to workout and eat clean but nothing worth having in life comes easy! 

Todays workout: Legs/Abs ( I usually do legs on Sundays with a fellow competitor who is amazing inside and out, but this weekend I could not so I pushed legs till today!) 

Perform each superset 4 times through and after each set perform 10 burpees. Why the burpees you ask?! To keep your heart rate up and burn more calories!  So for example 20 squats then 20 diagonal walking lunges then 10 burpees…now do this 3 more times! 

Superset 1
-Squat rack or smith machine squat 4 x 20 ( Im doing lower weight higher reps because I do not want to build my quads more right now)
-Diagonal walking lunges 4 x 20

Superset 2
-Sumo deadlifts 4 x 15
-Box jumps  1 minute 

Superset 3
-Shoulder width leg press 4 x 15 
-Jump Squats 1 minute 

Abs perform each exercise 4 times through with minimal breaks 

-Ball pikes 5 x 20
- Hanging leg raise 5 x 20
-Plank 1 minute 

Follow up with 25-30 minutes cardio (whatever you prefer) 

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