Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday "80% of success is showing up"

Hey guys!
It is really easy to list a whole number of excuses to skip the gym, especially when you live in a snowy area! 
Its too cold
Its too early
Its just one workout..the list goes on
It is important to keep in mind that showing up is 80% of your success. You are not going to make the changes you want to see by skipping your workout. When I don't feel like getting to the gym I try to keep in mind that my competition is not taking the day off, so either can I!! 


-30 minute high intensity cardio class called overdrive at the gym. I really suggest trying out a class at your gym. There is great music and being surrounded by men and women who are giving it their all really helps keep you motivated! 

Put the incline at 30% if your treadmill doesn't go that high just put it on the highest incline. 
Incline          Speed          Time
30%             3 mph          45 seconds on, 30 second break
30%             3.1 mph       45 seconds on, 30 second break 
30%             3.2 mph      same time for the rest of the intervals
30%             3.3 mph
30%             3.4 mph
30%             3.5 mph
30%             3.6 mph
30%             3.7 mph
30%             3.8 mph
30%             3.9 mph
30%             4.0 mph

This may look easy but you will get your heart rate up and keep it up!! Also try not to hold onto treadmill when running! 

Marissa running up Mt. Everest! 

Get it girl! 

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