Saturday, January 18, 2014

Saturday "Will this action bring me one step closer or one step away from my goal?"

Today I went to the gym with my friend Alicia and decided to switch things up for cardio! It is important to keep your workouts fun and diverse or else you might lose your passion for it! Instead of doing the stair mill (which I actually secretly love) we decided to do a new class called overdrive. In a few words I would describe it as sweaty, fun, and a calorie burner! We would do different sequences of moves to keep our heart rate up (squat jumps, jump lunges, tuck jumps, etc) and our rest was performing full burpees! My challenge for you this week is to choose one class from your gym something you have never tired and give it a go! It is important to challenge yourself and keep learning/trying new things!

Side note: Yesterday I was reminded of a few important thoughts when I went out for coffee with a friend who I met in graduate school. Surround yourself with people who love you and want to help you grow! If there are negative people in your life who do not fully accept you for yourself or do not believe in your dreams let them go! Life is to short to be surrounded by negative people who spread their negativity to your life. Everyone has bad days or hardships to face in life, but instead of dwelling on the negative be thankful you wake up each morning with a chance to start the life you want to be living! It is easy to talk about wanting to eat healthy, go to the gym, prep your meals…but it is another to not just talk the talk but walk the walk! If you want something worth having in life nobody is going to just hand it to you, instead go out and make it happen on your own! 

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