Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some of my favorite prep food products

It can be hard to keep your food tasty and creative when following a very regimented meal plan! Here are a few products I use to help add some flavor to my meals!

-Banana flavored extract because I can not have fruit right now this is a great substitute and really tastes like banana
-Walden Farms caramel syrup! I use this product in my oats in the morning to help mix the protein powder with the oats
-Flavored coffee!!! This is one of the reasons I get excited to wake up in the morning! The flavored beans taste so good added cream and sugar is not necessary! 

-Mrs Dash seasonings. I have only used the lemon pepper so far on my fish, but let me tell you it really adds some great flavor!
-Hot sauce! I will use almost any brand but like Texas Pete's the best! I put it on everything…literally!
-Kernel Seasons white cheddar, jalapeƱo cheddar, and chocolate caramel seasonings are great! There are more flavors than those listed which I am sure are tasty too! I use the cheese flavored ones on my veggies and the sweet one in my protein shakes! 

-Mio drink mix helps when getting a gallon of water down a day! 

If anyone uses other products that I have not listed that are tasty or help you with your prep please feel free to comment! 

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