Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday lots of fun day with my friends at the gym!

Considering football was not on today, I figured go big or go home at the gym and stay a while! I was lucky enough to workout with Marissa and Alicia this morning! Both of them are not only amazing athletes, but amazing friends! I laughed when I told them our gym sessions are the equivalent of book or coffee clubs! 

Alicia and I started the morning lifting legs so here is that portion of the workout!

Workout: Legs (4 sets x 12-8 reps of each exercise)
-Narrow stance squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps depending on weight added)
-Stiff leg deadlifts (12-8 reps depending on weight added)

-Wide stance squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)
-Bent knee deadlifts (12-8 reps)

-Shoulder width squats with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)
-Sumo deadlift with Olympic bar (12-8 reps)

-Laying down single leg hamstring curl (10 reps. 10 lbs-25 lbs)
-V squat machine (12-10 reps)

Now Marissa joined and we all did a few circuits!

Plyo Circuits: 20 seconds each exercise
- Plyo Push Ups on Bosu
- Modified Dips

- Scissor lunge jumps
- Pick up Put down with 5 lbs
- Rapid Box Jump - 18"
- Dumbbell Bicep Curl @ 17.5
4 Rounds, 1 minute rest in between

Strength Circuit: 10 and then as many as possible
- 10 Burpees
- As many Pull Ups as you can 
4 Rounds, 60 seconds rest in between rounds

Full Body Plyo:
- 5 crunches then stand jump into Push Up
- 5 crunches then stand up with 12lb medicine ball
- 20 sec of 4pt Lateral Jumps (jump side, front, side, back pattern) 
- 20 sec of Toe Taps at 12" box
- Ladder 2x of hopscotch, lateral high knee, 2 in/2 out (use a latter if you have one available,     if not just pretend and jump)
- Get a treadmill and jog for 60 sec at incline 15, 6.0 mph
3 Rounds, 3 minutes rest in between

Stiff leg deadlift (important to keep back flat)

Alicia doing bent knee deadlift (along with flat back, squeeze your booty at the top)

Narrow stance squat with Olympic bar 


  1. ERY I love your blog!!!! It’s super inspiring and makes me want to work out right now. I like how you show the pictures of the different workouts that you do because it helps with not only knowing how to do the workout, but how to do it the right way. You are one of the best person I know (that sounds weird but I looked it up to make sure it was grammatically correct) and have the biggest heart. I put your blog on my "favorites" bar so that I can stalk you every morning. Keep up the good work <3

    1. Aw Laur thank you! Thats the goal if I can just inspire one person to want to get to the gym I am happy with that! Hah you can stalk me anytime and you are one of the best person I know too! Not only a best friend but another sista!