Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday "sUccess all depends on the second letter"

I love today's quote! Success really is in your own hands! No one is going to workout, meal prep, or sweat for you! Knowing that changes can only be made by yourself should not be a scary or negative thought, but just the opposite. It is exciting to know that through clean eating and exercise you can mold and change your body how you would like! Nothing in life worth having comes easy, so keep grinding away! 

Workout: Shoulder (Perform each superset 4 times through, 10-15 reps of each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Alternating shoulder press using cables (17 lbs on each side)
-Alternating lateral and front raise with dumbbells (10 -12 lbs)
-15 jump squats

Superset 2:
-Arnold press with dumbbells (25 lbs)
-Single arm row with dumbbells (20 lbs)
-12 switch jump lunges

Superset 3:
-Single arm shoulder press with dumbbells (25 lbs)
-10 Bosu ball lift over head then jump down into push up and repeat (look at video for example)

Superset 4:
-Cable face pull- set up cable at eye level and use rope at 20-30 lbs, then holding with pinkies up and thumbs down grip pull rope towards face (pics demonstrate this)
-Upright row using bar (40 lbs)

Cardio: Treadmill 
- 4 rounds run for 60 seconds at 15 incline at 6 mph
- 4 rounds run for 45 seconds at 15 incline at 6.5 mph
- 4 rounds run for 30 seconds at 15 incline at 7.0 mph

Use link for video:
Face pull starting position

Face pull ending position, focus on pulling shoulder blades together 

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