Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Tuesday "Believe that success is your only option"

Hey everyone!
I love the quote for today, "believe that success is your only option." Today when you head into the gym, work, school, etc. keep in mind that you are in each place for a given purpose. Enter into your day knowing that no matter what obstacles get thrown your way, you can choose how to react to them. Keep your mind focused on your purpose and believe in your abilities! If you do those two things success really will be your only option! 

Workout: Back/ Bi (4 sets of each superset with 10-15 reps of each exercise)

Superset 1:
-Wide grip lat pulldown
-Underhand or reverse grip lat pulldown
-10 burpees

Superset 2:
-Seated cable row
-One arm dumbbell row
-10 burpees

Superset 3:
-Rope pulley row to neck
-Straight arm pulldown w cable and straight bar
-10 burpees

Superset 4:
-Standing bicep cable curl
-Hammer curl with dumbbell
-10 burpees

-Barbell curl 21's (perform curls but instead of doing a full range of motion for the curls perform 7 curls were you go from top to middle position, 7 curls were you go from bottom to middle position, and then finish with 7 full curls) Repeat 3 times

-40 minutes of moderate intensity cardio

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