Monday, January 13, 2014

Tuesday workout "fail to plan, plan to fail"

Hey everyone,
I am going to post tomorrow or Tuesdays chest and tri workout tonight! Some of you might be hitting the gym early and it could come in handy to have it tonight! I will be up early because I am dropping my mom off at the airport so she can go to Florida, so in honor of that I am listening to Bob Marley tonight putting myself in a good mind space writing this! A great tip I have for the gym coincides perfectly with the quote for today about the importance of planning ahead. I recommend writing down your workout in a little notebook so you know exactly what exercises you are planning on doing and in what order. It can be confusing and hard to remember what exercises to perform if you do not have a guide to go by. Also it is nice to write down the number of sets and weights used and check on progress as the weeks go on! 

Workout: Chest/ Tri

Superset 1 sets and reps (4 x 8)
-Barbell bench press (medium grip)
-Reverse tricep bench press (this is a new exercise for me to try out too for a video explanation of it check out 

Superset 2 sets and reps (4 x 10)
-dumbbell fly
-dumbbell bench press

Superset 3 set and reps (4 x 10)
-Incline bench press
-Bench dip

Superset 4 set and reps (4 x 12)
-Cable crossover
-Tri rope pulldown


-18 sprints on treadmill incline 5 (30-45 seconds on and 30-60 seconds off)

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