Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wed. "train like a beast, look like a beauty"

I love that quote! Going into the gym and throwing around some weights like a beast is when I feel my best! Put in the hard work and sweat and you will not only look like a beauty, but feel like one on the inside as well! It takes dedication and discipline to get to the gym and eat healthy…be proud of yourself and those daily accomplishments!

Workout: Abs/ Cardio

Perform 4 sets of each of the exercises below:
-Front plank on elbow (1 min)
-Side plank (1 min on each side)
-Front plank with arms straight (1 min)
-Mountain climbers with feet in trx (40 total)
-Hanging leg raises (20)
-Crunches on fitness ball (25)

-30 minutes on stair mill
-20 minutes on treadmill moderate jog 

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