Thursday, January 16, 2014

Wed. workout

Hey everyone! 
Todays workout as I had listed was ab, booty, and cardio! Some good exercises to incorporate into this day for abs would be hanging leg raises, bosu planks, flutter kicks, windshield wipers, standard plank, side planks, army get ups. Booty exercises would be leg bridges, sumo deadlifts, stiff leg deadlifts, goodmornings, squats, donkey kickbacks (I use the smith machine bar to lift), one legged press, step ups, and plyo moves (jump squats, switch lunges, etc.). Cardio I did 18 sprints on the seated bike…let me tell you your booty will be on fire by the end of this. I did 30 seconds at level 7 then 30 seconds on level 9 for 18 rounds!

Side note: I felt like a proud parent tonight because I took my puppy to her first puppy socialization playgroup. She started off very nervous, shaking, staying by me but by the end of the group she was running laps with other puppies loving life! This may be how a new beginner feels entering the gym for the first time. It can be intimidating especially lifting weights, where in most gyms the weight section is mostly filled with men. The most important thing to do is enter the gym with a written down plan and only focus on why you are there…to become a stronger, faster, better version of yourself! 

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