Friday, January 10, 2014

You can't out work a bad diet

It is important to remember you can not out work a bad diet! I have come to learn that achieving the body you want is 80% clean eating and 20% your workouts! It is crazy to think but you can kill yourself in the gym and not see results if you are not eating right! Putting garbage in your body, will only result in you feeling like garbage! It is also vital to drink enough water! I am guilty as a coffee addict but I also make sure to get a gallon or 8 bottles of water in each day (this is important even when not prepping for a contest). 

If you follow any bikini competitors or are one yourself, you know the importance of food preparation. I know the majority of people prep all their food for the week on Sunday nights (but I can not stomach the thought of that). I do prep my gluten free oatmeal every morning by measuring out 30-40 grams depending on my workout for the day, and putting them in zip lock baggies so when I want breakfast it is pre measured. I also prep out my broccoli and asparagus for the week by measuring one cup of each and individually bagging them up! My fish is already pre measured and ready to go in the individual vacuum sealed bags you purchase them in. I buy my fish frozen from BJ's which is a whole sale bulk store so the price is a little cheaper. My favorite types of fish are tilapia or Chilean sea bass. To flavor my fish I use Mrs. Dash lemon pepper seasoning because it is sodium free and gives the fish a great flavor! 

Now the majority of competitors eat chicken, lean ground beef and turkey, and egg whites. Sadly, I do not like any of the foods I just mentioned above! This means I eat fish 2x a day along with protein shakes for my main protein sources. I can understand prepping chicken or turkey for a few days but fish reheated…yuck! I am lucky enough with my school schedule that I can defrost and cook my fish and eat it fresh out of the oven :)

Things I avoid during prep:
-fruit :((
-high glycemic vegetables (corn, carrots, etc.)

We are all human though and letting oneself indulge once in awhile is important to staying on track and staying sane! If you are not prepping for a show allow 1 or 2 treat meals a week( not a whole day of bad eating but a meal or dessert)! 

I will post Saturdays workout either later tonight or tomorrow morning:) Happy lifting 

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