Monday, March 31, 2014

Competition Day!

So the competition was this past weekend! It was a great time to get on stage with some amazing girls and meet new friends in the process! I realized that above all I am very blessed to be able to compete in a sport I enjoy and be surrounded by the positive influences I have in my life! I was so touched to have amazing people take time out of their day to come watch and support me! I really appreciate all the love my amazing family, friends, and boyfriend have for me! 

I ended up placing 3rd in my category which I am not going to lie and tell you I was not a little disappointed in, but this is such a subjective sport that I need to keep that in perspective. Regardless of the place I received, I was proud of the transformation I was able to achieve! I started the contest at 147 lb 21% body fat and walked on stage at 133 lb and 12.5% body fat, all while eating foods I enjoyed and not becoming a slave to the gym. 

The most important lesson I learned in this prep was to trust the process and myself! This lesson can be applied to almost anything in life. Trust yourself, work as hard as you can, keep a positive attitude and create the life you want! With research and help I was able to make my own meal plan and design my own workout routine that worked into my lifestyle. Find what works for you, and allow yourself enough time for the process to work before you give up. Good things in life take time, don't get discouraged just enjoy the process.  

January 17

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