Friday, March 7, 2014

Friday "if opportunity doesn't knock, build a door"

Sorry I have not posted in a few days, but I am back! 21 days out from the first show and I am feeling excited and nervous! No one can really prepare you for how you will feel or act when you get up on stage in a teeny tiny bikini in front of strangers! Lucky for me, I have a dance background and have been on stage before just not in clear heels or with an orange tan! The next 20 days need to be 100% commitment to my meal plan, the gym, and posing practice! Sometimes it can be hard to see the end goal when the date for the goal is a few months off, so you think you have time to slack and cheat! Right now is when it is crucial to hit the gym hard and eat clean (even though summer seems so far away) if we want to make summer 2014 our best and healthiest one yet! 

Some more of my favorite prep foods:
-Quest protein bars any flavor
-Extra dessert gum
-Sour patch gum
-P28 bread (OMG amazing pre workout meal)

Workout: Back/ Bi (4 rounds, 10-15 reps)
Superset 1:
-Seated row
-Bent over single arm dumbbell row
-20 pop squats

Superset 2:
-Straight arm pull down with straight bar
-One arm bicep cable curl
-20 squat jump

Superset 3:
-Seated alternating dumbbell curl
-Standing alternating hammer curl
-Alternating punches with 10 pound dumbbells
-15 switch lunges

Superset 4:
-Incline beach dumbbell curls
-Ez bar curl (30-40 pound bar 7 reps top half of range, 7 reps bottom to middle range, 7 full range of rep motion)
-20 pop squat

Cardio:Bike Sprints x 4 rounds 
30 second sprint level 9, 30 second at level 4
30 second sprint at level 10, 30 second at level 4
30 second sprint at level 11, 30 second at level 4
30 second sprint at level 12, 30 second at level 4

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