Saturday, March 15, 2014

Saturday Luck of the Irish Circuits

What better way is there to start your St Patty Day weekend off than doing some circuit workouts! The thing I love about circuits is keeping an elevated heart rate throughout the whole circuit- which means more calories burnt! Circuits are always a great way to switch up your exercise routines, allowing you to incorporate the full body. Moving quickly from one exercise to the next allows you to complete a full workout in half the time, while keeping your workouts new and exciting! Don't get me wrong I love lifting weights, but nothing like jumping around during a circuit! These two circuits should leave you sweaty and feeling accomplished when you leave the gym! 

Circuit 1
-15 box jumps 
-50 flutter kicks for abs
-25 kettlebell swings (25 lb kettlebell) 
-20 double, 20 single with battle rope

Repeat this circuit 4 times through with no to minimal breaks! 

Circuit 2
-16 push ups with leg kick through touching opposite hand and foot
-10 half burpee (so no pushup) into tuck jump
-10 plank holds on bosu ball flat side up (10 crossover opposite knee to elbow on each side, then 10 spider plank drawing the knee to outside of shoulder then back to plank position on each side)
-45 air squats (really focus on squeezing the booty at top position) or if your feeling daring try 25 jump squats

Repeat this circuit 4 times through with no to minimal breaks! 

Ab circuit
-15 V ups
-25 side crunch on both sides
-50 toe touches
-15 plank roll outs with forearm on exercise ball

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