Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday "Make today COUNT"

Happy Tuesday! So 17 days out from my second show and never felt better! I am doing this prep by myself with no nutritionist or trainer, just great knowledgeable people in my life who have given advice and guidance. At the start of prep I was following a meal plan I had purchased last year for my first show (don't get me wrong it worked, I looked the part last year), but was feeling fatigued and deprived this time around! I know that during prep I am not going to be indulging in peanut butter and cake, but I couldn't handle my previous plan that consisted of protein powder, rice cakes, oats, fish and 3 oz of broccoli. I do not eat typical "bodybuilding foods" such as eggs or chicken, but knew I had to switch for my own mental and physical health. I am currently doing "flexible dieting" or "iifym- if it fits your macros" for my plan. I was not very knowledgeable about this type of eating or how it worked before, but it is the best thing that could have happened in this prep! I know my macro numbers (carbs, fat, protein, cals) that I need to reach each day, and eat foods that help me achieve the perfect ratio! So instead of rice cakes which have almost no nutritional value except carbohydrates, I am now eating a variety of foods and not feeling deprived and most importantly have energy! I will write more about flexible dieting and my meal plan in upcoming posts! 

Workout 1: Morning Cardio
15 incline sprints on treadmill (sprint 30 seconds, rest 30-60 seconds)
5 sprints at 5% incline -speed 11
10 sprints at 15% incline- speed 10

20 minutes on stepmill (I used the preset workouts today tried calorie burner at moderate hard level)

Keeping my eye on the prize! Improve yourself, don't compare yourself!

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