Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fun little circuit to try!

Hey guys!
I did this circuit a few days ago and really enjoyed it! It does not take a lot of time but is an effective workout that will get your heart pumping!

Complete 4 rounds 30 seconds all out effort and then move onto the next exercise without resting. Rest 1 minute between rounds.
Warm up with a jog on the treadmill for 5 minutes. The jump into the workout! 
  • Stay Low Jacks (perform like a normal jumping jack but remain in a low squat position the whole time)
  • Box Jumps
  • Kettle bell swings (I used 25 lb kb and make sure to extend arms all the way overhead)
  • Plank
  • Lateral Ski (jump laterally onto one leg, jump sideways as far as you can while crossing other leg behind you)
  • Squat holding kettle bell (stay down in the squat position and pulse)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Now that competition season is over or at least I think (I might compete this summer), it is important to stick to clean eating and hitting the gym hard! I had the pleasure of working out with Alicia this morning and hitting chest and tri! I suggest finding a friend to workout with! Not only does it make it more enjoyable, keeps you accountable, but also find someone who helps you push yourself to be your best and give it 100%! 

Workout: Chest/ Tri
Superset 1:
-Bench press with Olympic bar (increase by 5 lb each set)
-Decline chest fly with dumbbells (12.5 lb)
-10 dumbbell swings

Superset 2:
-Incline chest press with Olympic bar
-Overhead dumbbell tri extension (30-35 lb)
-10 dumbbell swings

Superset 3:
-Decline chest press with Olympic bar
-Tri kickback with dumbbell (12.5 lb)
-10 dumbbell swings

Superset 4:
-Incline chest press with dumbbells (25 lb.)
-Flat bench chest fly with dumbbells (12.5 lb)
-10 burpees

Superset 5:
-Incline chest fly with dumbbells (12.5 lb)
-Flat bench chest press with dumbbells (25 lb)
-10 burpees

Superset 6:
-Chest level cable chest fly (10 lb on each side)
-Tri pulldown (20-30 lb)
-10 burpees

Bike sprints-- repeat 3 times
sprint for 25 seconds at level 9,  level 5 recovery 
sprint for 25 seconds at level 10, level 5 recovery
sprint for 25 seconds at level 11, level 5 recovery
sprint for 25 seconds at level 12, level 5 recovery

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

New Favorite Treats!

So let me start off by saying I was wearing shorts a few days ago sweating in the sun running around the track…I woke up to snow this morning! I guess that is what I get for putting my car snow brush away! But on a happier note let me tell you about my new favorite dessert...proyo (protein Greek yogurt)! I was vegan a few years ago and had cut all dairy out of my diet. I had always been a vegetarian and for a school project I decided to try a vegan diet and it just stuck! I now incorporate some animal products into my diet, because honestly you can't beat a natural high quality source of protein! I used to hold the impression that dairy is the devil, and I still do hold that belief about certain dairy products, but boy was I missing out not eating Greek yogurt! Greek yogurt has 120 calories a cup with 9 g carbs and 23 g of protein! With summer and warmer weather (fingers crossed) on its way, this protein frozen yogurt recipe will be a great treat! My second favorite treat Quest bars, which I have talked about before but now I tried broiling them! I can not even explain how delicious they taste broiled or baked!

-1/2 cup Greek non fat plain yogurt (I personally like Oikos brand)
-1 serving protein powder ( I use Cellucor because I think the flavor and quality is unmatched! Great news, they came out with new flavors and my new favorite for this dessert is mint chocolate chip!) 
-1 packet nectresse or stevia (any kind of natural sweetener you like)
-1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
-2 tsp unsweetened vanilla almond milk 

Mix all together and put in freezer for 30 min up to a few hours depending on the consistency you like!

extra add ins:
-1 Tbsp chia seeds (love the crunch they add)
-Pb 2 powder peanut butter (I have no self control with pb or powder pb but it is delicious if you use chocolate or vanilla protein powder. Side note they also sell it at Walmart now!)
-Quest bar

Broiled/Baked Quest bar
-I used the broiler in my toaster oven and would say it takes about 4 minutes. Place the bar on aluminum foil and keep a close eye on it because it can go from toasty and delicious to burnt real quick. When the top starts to get golden brown it is done!

-To bake set the oven to 350 degrees and bake around 5-8 min depending on your oven. I cut my bar into pieces and place on aluminum foil. Also, keep a close eye on these and flip half way through! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Taking this workout outside!

I am beyond thrilled that the weather is starting to get nicer! Today I am getting outside of the gym and bringing my workout to the great outdoors! I need some fresh air and a break from the inside of the gym. I am going to my local running track which also has stadium stairs to get a workout in this morning!

-Warmup with 2 laps around track

-100 meter walking lunges
-100 meter lateral side shuffle with band around shins
-100 meter high knees

-Sprint 200 meter

-Plank hold for 1 minute
-Toe touches (40)
-Sit ups (40)

-Sprint 200 meter

-20 burpees
-100 meter walking lunges
-20 squat jumps

-Sprint 200 meter

-Stairs- Complete stairs 3 times

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Back Attack "You are going to want to give up…Don't"

So it felt good to take the weekend off from the gym! Truthfully, I am still sore from posing that I feel like I did some of the craziest workouts of my life. Competing in shows can take a toll on your body, especially if you dehydrate or carb deplete before the show (which I do not advise)! I really enjoy this sport, but it is important to remember that your overall health is more important than looking good on stage for a few minutes, so do not try to cut all your carbs, water, or fat! It is important to understand the roles that macronutrients play in helping your body work at its optimal level. If you are uniformed or receive the wrong information serious damage can be done to your health. 

Back Attack Workout: Perform each set 4 times x 15 rep each exercise)
Superset 1:
-Wide grip lat pull down
-Reverse grip lat pull down

Superset 2:
-One arm dumbbell row
-Seated row

Superset 3:
-Single arm seated row
-Bent over row using bar

Sprints on the stair stepper for 15-20 minutes
-30 seconds on level 12
-30 seconds on level 16
(keep alternating) 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Buffalo Show!

So I competed last weekend and was unsure if I was going to compete this weekend in the Mr Ms Buffalo show, but decided to go for it! It was a much larger show which meant more competition! I was questioning about competing in the show because I had never done two shows back to back and was honestly still a little disappointed from last weekend. I am happy to say that I placed 2nd out of 12 great looking girls and tried to bring the best possible package to the stage! Sorry there is no workout plan today, but I believe it is mandatory to take the day after a show off (important to let your body rest). Tomorrow I will be hitting the gym hard again (especially after all the energy from the peanut butter banana toast, huge sweet potatoes, and Reese cup I ate) and posting the workout!

The biggest lessons I am taking away from these past two weekends is first and foremost trust yourself! Decide you want something and make it happen. I also learned the value in positivity! No one forced me to compete in these shows and workout or eat clean but myself. It was important while I was at the gym early on the step mill or saying no to eating chocolate that I did not view it in a negative way or something I was missing out on, but rather looking at it as one step closer to achieving my goal! 
Overall, I think competing is a great way to challenge yourself not only physically in the gym, but mentally by making you decide if the actions you take will bring you closer or farther away from your goal of stepping on stage! 

Stay focused. Stay motivated. Stay positive.