Sunday, April 6, 2014

Buffalo Show!

So I competed last weekend and was unsure if I was going to compete this weekend in the Mr Ms Buffalo show, but decided to go for it! It was a much larger show which meant more competition! I was questioning about competing in the show because I had never done two shows back to back and was honestly still a little disappointed from last weekend. I am happy to say that I placed 2nd out of 12 great looking girls and tried to bring the best possible package to the stage! Sorry there is no workout plan today, but I believe it is mandatory to take the day after a show off (important to let your body rest). Tomorrow I will be hitting the gym hard again (especially after all the energy from the peanut butter banana toast, huge sweet potatoes, and Reese cup I ate) and posting the workout!

The biggest lessons I am taking away from these past two weekends is first and foremost trust yourself! Decide you want something and make it happen. I also learned the value in positivity! No one forced me to compete in these shows and workout or eat clean but myself. It was important while I was at the gym early on the step mill or saying no to eating chocolate that I did not view it in a negative way or something I was missing out on, but rather looking at it as one step closer to achieving my goal! 
Overall, I think competing is a great way to challenge yourself not only physically in the gym, but mentally by making you decide if the actions you take will bring you closer or farther away from your goal of stepping on stage! 

Stay focused. Stay motivated. Stay positive.

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