Friday, May 2, 2014

Friday "be stronger than your excuses"

Hey! Here is a workout that will leave you tired, but feeling accomplished! 
But before you get to the workout let me tell you about some new favorite clean treats! 
My first is iced coffee!
I love iced coffee (well any kind of coffee really) but especially iced with summer coming! What I do not like however, is when my iced coffee gets all watery if I don't drink it at turbo speed.To fix this problem just brew a pot of coffee and let it sit for a bit. 
After its cooled a little fill a few ice trays with the coffee. When you want to make your own ice coffee at home (which saves lots of money if you drink one everyday like me) brew your pot of coffee and let it sit in the refrigerator a while. Then either just pour your coffee and add some of your coffee ice cubes or make a drink and put the cooled coffee along with coffee ice cubes in a blender and have at it! Another great coffee treat I found was sugar free flavor syrups at Target! 
Another great clean treat is Popsicles
You can get popsicle trays anywhere and fill them with almost anything! Some ideas I have tried that are delicious are coffee, ice tea, green tea, and Greek yogurt ice pops (Ps try Greek yogurt mixed with Cellucor mint chocolate chip flavored protein powder you'll swear your cheating by how delicious it is!) These are low calorie and sugar ways to fix your sweet tooth and nice when it is hot outside! 

Partner sprints with resistance band. If you don't have a workout partner try sprints on an incline or just regular sprints will do the trick!

Complete sprint and planks 4 rounds

-200 meter sprint 
-2 minute side plank (switching at 1 min to opposite side)

Circuit: 3 rounds

-Battleropes (25 double)

-12 lb Medicine ball slams (15 slams)

-24" Box jump (10 jumps)

-30 alternating curtsy lunges while staying in low squatting position while switching legs 

-Push ups with hands on small medicine balls (12 reps)

-12 lb medicine ball Russian twist (15 rep each side)

-Treadmill: 60 second run at speed 6 incline 15

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