Friday, July 25, 2014

eat clean train dirty

I am happy to say I am finally feeling like my old self again! My advice is first off never get mono hah and second take care of yourself! If you are feeling run down take a step back and evaluate what you can change in your life to make it less stressful! 
I have also stepped up my coffee game and have tried espresso its amazing! Today I ordered a double shot of espresso blended with sugar free vanilla from Starbucks and it was an amazing pre workout! 

Todays workout was a mash up of upper body.

Workout: Perform each superset 3-4 times through 

-Cable bicep rope curls (15 lb, 20 lb, 25 lb) each set went up in weight
-Cable tri rope extensions (15, 20, 25 lb)

-Cable lateral shoulder raise (10 lb)
-Forearm curl (10 lb)

-Dumbbell bicep curls ( 3 count on the way up and 5 count on the way down) really focus on the movement you are doing, mind muscle connection
-Lateral raise with dumbbell (10 lb)

-Arnold press (25, 20 lb)
-Tri kickback with dumbbell (12 lb)

Uphill pyramid sprints
Set treadmill at 10 % incline for the whole workout and speed started at 5
30 sec sprint at speed 5, 30 second recovery walk at speed 3.5
30 sec sprint at 5.2, 30 second recovery walk at 3.5
30 sec sprint at 5.4, 30 second recovery walk at 3.5
keep repeating until you get to speed 6 then go back down the pyramid 

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