Friday, April 3, 2015

At home HIIT workout!

It has been a couple months that I have taken off from working out and posting and I will explain why quickly! Mononucleosis…Small intestine bacterial overgrowth or SIBO… lymph node biopsy surgery on my neck. All in all its been a rough couple of months and I have had to learn to adjust my workouts. On a more positive note, I have purchased a few items that have made working out at home possible and challenging! 
At home equipment:
Resistance bands (I bought small circular ones)
Ankle weights
Exercise ball
Yoga mat
Jump rope

All of these besides the elliptical are inexpensive and easy to use and store!

Here is an at home workout to start spring right!

Repeat 3-4 times!

Resistance band side shuffle (band around shins) - 1 minute 
Jump squat - 20 reps 
Burpee with push up- 10-15 reps
Sumo squat (feet wide with toes pointed out)- 1 minute
Tuck jumps - 20 reps
Jump rope - 1 minute

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