Monday, November 28, 2016

Looking Forward...

Hello all! I have been MIA from this blog for a while so to whomever checks it still thank you and I will be back! This past year has been insane from moving states NY-->MI, graduating and becoming a Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer (still looking for a job if you read this and are a Radiology Manager lol), to finding out I have Hashimoto's and just trying to survive it all! I am not going to lie, fitness has taken a back seat and that is okay. This past year was a season in life where different priorities took the majority of my time. I still have a big passion for fitness and am currently studying to get my personal training certification. I love to continually learn and do not know how to properly relax so having to study I find comforting haha!

To get back into the swing of things with fitness I decided I would do Lori Harder's 14 day free fitness challenge! It just started today so if you still want to join go for it! She is a fitness inspiration for me along with just having such a great positive vibe!

Day 1 is available on her site and she posts videos showing how to properly perform each exercise and consisted of:

Warm Up (5-10 minutes)

Complete this set 4 times preforming each exercise for 45-60 seconds and rest 1 minute in between sets

Squat with Bicep Curl
Dumbbell Bent Over Row
V Ups
Alternating Reverse Lunges with Curl
High Plank Rear Delt Fly

then end with 2 minute burn out of

10 Burpees
10 Push Ups


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